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Participate in our growth

We are looking for committed distribution partners to share and expand our success.

- The demand of high grade and reasonable priced spare and wear parts for the pulp and paper industry is high
- and still increasing.
- Reinhold-Gould has been operating successfully for more than four decades in the industry and offers
- approved products of well known manufacturers.
- High profits are possible and attainable.
- Your customers will remain satisfied through our competent support which ensures a smooth completion
- of your business transactions.

If you are interested in entering a new market in a foreign country, please contact us.

Reinhold-Gould GmbH
Stadtkoppel 6, D-21337 Lüneburg
Telefon: 0049-(0)41 31-24 64 94

Please contact : Kersten Doms (managing director)

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